Hospital entertainment

Patient in hospital bed

We have free Wi-Fi (_The Cloud) available to everyone visiting our hospital.

If you are staying with us as an inpatient we also provide a Patient Entertainment System.

Free Wi-Fi

Users can utilise the hospital’s free public Wi-Fi system to stream and upload entertainment by using their own devices such as mobile phones or tablets. 

To log in please:

  • Choose the Wi-Fi network '_The Cloud'
  • Click the pink 'Get online at Royal Surrey NHS Hospital' box on the page that comes up
  • If you have an account, please log in. If you do not have an account, please create one
  • Click done.

Use of these devices in the hospital is entirely at the risk of the user, and which the hospital has no responsibility should the device be lost, stolen or damaged.

Patient Entertainment System

We provide a Patient Entertainment System to all of our inpatients. This allows you to watch TV, play games and more. This service provided within the hospital is managed by an independent third party provider.

Please ensure that a monitor is provided at your bedside by asking a nurse or another member of staff before attempting to pay to use the system on the vending machine that is available.

We apologise in advance to users where the bedside monitor is missing or broken and therefore not available for use. The hospital has asked the supplier to reinstate and/or repair the system.

Users should be aware that using the vending machine and the purchase of services is at their own risk, as refunds may not be readily available from the supplier.

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