Freedom to Speak Up Champions

freedom to speak up

If something is wrong, please speak up with the confidence that it's safe to share with Freedom to Speak Up Champions. 

Raising concerns

Raising concerns is the term used when a member of staff speaks up about a possible risk, often relating to issues of poor patient care, health and safety, malpractice, or bad examples of our values and behaviours. We aim to deal with these in an open, honest, blame-free manner and in doing so Freedom to Speak Up provides an “early warning system”.

Raising a concern can be emotionally stressful and we recognise this, and listen to the concern without being judgemental. We will set aside time in a private environment to focus on listening to the concern and clarifying the facts and the outcome the person wants. We acknowledge that sometimes raising a concern takes courage and are grateful to the individual for being brave. We respect requests for confidentiality as far as reasonably possible, unless we are under a legal obligation relating to crime or risk of immediate patient harm, in which case we will explain the next steps to be taken.

The nature and seriousness of the concern will vary. Some will easily be put right informally and others may require formal/external investigation and review. We will seek the views of the individual raising the concern as to how they wish their concern to be addressed, and agree a way forward, probable time-line and how we will feedback.  We will make a confidential summary record of the meeting and agree this with the person raising the concern

The person raising the concern will be advised of the outcome, actions taken/proposals and how the learning will be shared, and subsequently we may ask for anonymous feedback to the FTSU Guardian on the experience of raising the concern. If an individual is unhappy with the way their concern has been addressed they can, of course, escalate their concern to the Executive Lead, Jo Mountjoy, Chief Nurse.

The concerns raised are seldom straightforward or easy, and the FTSU team are here to help you.

Our Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

phil gardener   Phil Gardener - Royal Surrey's Freedom to Speak Up Guardian 

The Freedom To Speak Up Champions

Phil is supported  by seventeen Freedom To Speak Up Champions, who can provide staff with support when they need to raise any concern they may have that they do not feel they can raise elsewhere. The Freedom to Speak Up Guardian and Champions are listed below:

  • Phil Gardner, email, Tel: 01483 571122 ext. 3010, Mobile: 07973 725157
  • Paul Croshaw, Outpatients Appointments & Medical Records, Diagnostics and Clinical Support Services
  • Adrian Teare, Lead Chaplain, RSCH Spiritual Care Service, Corporate Services
  • Jen Longley, Head of Therapies, Diagnostics and Clinical Support Services
  • Marie Nyoni, Cross Sectional Imaging Services Manager and Lead Radiation Protection Supervisor, Radiology, Diagnostics and Clinical Support Services
  • Reena George, Sister, Clandon Ward, Surgery
  • Bobb Jackson, Ward Manager St Catherine, AAU, PAU, Women & Children’s
  • Professor Silvana Di Palma, Consultant Histopathologist, Department of Histopathology, Berkshire & Surrey Pathology Services
  • Dr Christos Mikropoulos, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Oncology
  • Bethan Jones, District Nurse/Practice Teacher/Team Leader, Guildford Community Nursing, Community Services
  • Maria Rana, Quality & Performance, Estates & Facilities, Corporate Services
  • Chris Hollis, Catering Manager/Head of Community Hotel Services, Corporate Services
  • Dr Mary Stevenage, Trust Grade Doctor, Access and Medicine
  • Dr Matthew Cox, Specialty Registrar, Access and Medicine
  • Jolanta Davies, Quality Directorate Business Finance Manager, Finance
  • Delia Sworm, Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist – Skin Cancer, Oncology
  • Paige Grey, Case Management Assistant
  • Sandra Hobbs, Alcohol Liaison Nurse

The Executive Lead for Freedom to Speak Up is Jo Mountjoy, Chief Nurse, and the Non-Executive Director responsible for FTSU is David Hicks.

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